M&C Jewellery offers a discreet and highly professional buying service to customers nationwide. If you have an item you would like to sell, simply contact us by telephone or email, or visit one of our expert jewellers at our Brighton premises.

Jewellery Manufacturing and Repairs

We have an expert jeweller with over 30 years experience within our Brighton premises. Here at M&C Jewellery we aim to keep your fine items in stunning condition and provide the highest quality jewellery. Get in touch or come into store to see how we can help.

Home Visit Appointments

Our home visit appointment services are very popular for our customer service and expert knowledge in the jewellery field. If you are looking for valuations, sell your own jewellery or even try and source particular items then a home visit can guarantee dedicated help to your needs within a time that suits you.

We cover most of the Sussex area but are willing to travel worldwide for the right items. If you’re unsure then just get in touch with some information on what your wanting valued.


M&C Jewellery offers various types of valuations including insurance, inheritance and probate valuations. We offer a polite and discreet service, making every effort to ensure customers have the details and marketplace information they require not to mention a top offer too.

Specialist Advice

Here at M&C Jewellery we use every ounce of our experience to provide you with knowledge and insights that you can trust. Across all of our services we will ensure that you are best prepared with the best deal in a competitive market.